We often talk about the "future of work", but what does that really mean? Sure, the analysts and pundits of the world have a view - but how do practitioners view this? 

We set out to answer those questions in our first global HR Open Source survey. Over 520 HR and recruiting practitioners from 36 countries weighed in with their view on everything from AI to blockchain to what their top priorities are today vs. what they expect they'll be three year from now. On that, three years is our future of work horizon for this survey. We felt that number was far enough out to have a meaningful distinction from the world of work today, but not so far out so as not to be realistic to have realistic opinion. 

The results are representative across regions, industries, seniority, and discipline. Here are some of our respondent demographic highlights. You can view the exact breakdown in the survey results.

  • Function: Human Resources (61.8%), Recruiting (27.8%), Other (10.4%)
  • Seniority: Manager/Supervisor (28.6%), Director (26.1%), Staff (19%), VP (10.1%), C-Level (8.7%), Consultant (7%) [Note: 73% are decision-makers]
  • Geographic
  • Top Industries: Technology (48%), Prof Svcs (22%), Retail (11%), Finance (10%), Manufacturing (8%)

You can view the Future of Work report and analysis here.

As we're an open-source community, we also wanted to provide ......


Huge thanks to our survey analyst-in-residence, George LaRocque of LAROCQUE, and our Platinum sponsors below for supporting the future of work survey.