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Survey monkey Belonging & Inclusion Survey - HR Open Source

From Survey Monkey: Diversity is about more than demographics. No matter how much you focus on hiring a diverse workforce, you’re not actually moving the needle if your employees don’t feel a sense of belonging. For diversity and inclusion efforts to succeed, it’s important to look beyond demographics, using data to uncover what makes a culture truly inclusive. The data you gather can be a guide for creating an environment of inclusiveness in the workplace where all employees can thrive.

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Starbucks Bias Training Workbook - HR Open Source

The guidebook was designed for groups of three to five Starbucks partners to work through the learning session at their own pace—self-directed versus heavily moderated. Each module in the guidebook follows the same pattern—some form of inspiration (a film, a look into mind science, a leader sharing a story) followed by self- or group reflection and a chance to practice.

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