We’re calling on our 5,000+ members across 70 countries, as well as forward-thinking HR and Recruiting practitioners everywhere, to join our first ever HROS Survey.

Our aim is to help us benchmark the practices of HR today, while identifying the most impactful emerging trends and the technologies to help them drive their organizations forward.

We will be amplifying this to get as many responses as we can both inside and outside of the community. To help achieve this, please share the survey with anyone that is responsible for HR and/or Recruiting for a company of any size, industry, or location.

The results will be made available for free, like all HROS resources. It will include a downloadable report with an interactive visual dashboard work with. It will also include analysis by HROS founders Ambrosia Vertesi and Lars Schmidt, and the HROS Analyst-in-Residence for this project, George LaRocque Principal Analyst and Founder of HRWins. 

Thanks in advance 

Ambrosia, Lars, George


About The Survey

The survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete. The survey is broken into sections. Each section will have a brief introduction so that you have an understanding of the context of the questions we will ask.

The survey is anonymous. At the end of the survey, you will have an opportunity to volunteer for an interview with our analyst. This is optional.  Any contact information you share to make that happen, will not be shared with anyone.

Beyond basic demographic questions, we will ask for questions from two perspectives. YOUR point of view as a professional that cares about HR and/or recruiting and your perception of your employer’s point of view. These may, or may not, be in alignment. That’s okay.