The Day Hubraum Hired Their First Bot - HR Open Source

What's your name?

Anna Ott

What is your company name?


What city are you based in?


What's your title?

HR Expert

How would you categorize your share?


What's the challenge you had to overcome?

My workday is less than 24 hours but my candidates want information about our jobs all the time and on weekends too....

What did you do to solve it?

Setting up a chatbot that answers questions, pre-screens candidates and helps people apply really low threshold - and that works 24/7.

What was the ROI / impact of your full-brained solution?

On top of the chatbot being a gadget replacement of FAQs and our job board, we love that the bot is able to re-engage with an anonymous group of infinite candidates all the time to help us convert a candidate to an applicant. Something a human just cannot do.

What was your biggest learning?

Chatbots are easier to set up and maintain than I assumed. And on top a lot of fun.

What was your biggest mistake?

One can argue we published the bot when it was still very stupid - but then again, how can we learn if not experiment openly?!

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