How Tenable Built Brand Awareness in Singapore - HR Open Source

What's your name?

Audra Knight

What is your company name?


What's your title?

Recruitment Operations Manager

What city are you based in?

Columbia, MD, U.S.A.

How would you categorize your spark?

Recruiting - Employer Brand

What's the topic/title of your Spark share?

Brand Awareness in APAC

What's the challenge you had to overcome?

We are an established US company and we were working on building our Europe and Asia Pacific teams. We needed to hire 10 Technical Support Pros in our Singapore office in a short amount of time but we didn’t have the strong brand awareness in APAC like we do in the US.

What did you do to solve it?

Thanks to a tip from our friend Craig Fisher, we tried Facebook ads to get the word out that we are hiring in Singapore. I used our Tech Support video for the ad and targeted people in Singapore that worked in Technical Support - and liked Linux! Really specific targeting is the key to a valuable high performing ad on that platform.

What was the ROI / impact of your solution?

• Reach: 38,983 people in Singapore that work in Tech Support or a similar field (goal reached!)
• Clicks to a Singapore landing page: 1,939 (CPC: .39)
• Spend: $755.36
• Applicants: 26, Hires: 1
• Singapore became our #1 viewer location on Glassdoor for the first time

What was your biggest learning?

Youtube is a fantastic free way to learn Facebook ads...and everything in life :)

What was your biggest mistake?

The video was US centric. The ad would likely have performed better if we used a video showcasing our APAC employees and culture. We are working on it!

Did you use any tools in your initiative?

Yes (see below)

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