How Duo Security Brings Employees Together One Cup At A Time

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What's your name?

Ryan Taylor

What is your company name?

Duo Security

What's your title?

Sr. Manager of Applications & Data Warehouse

What city is your company based in?

Ann Arbor, MI

What country is your company based in?


How many employees does your company have?


How would you categorize your spark?

HR - Operations

What's the challenge you had to overcome?

With rapid growth, we've hired employees across multiple locations, time zones and teams. We quickly discovered employees often found themselves with a team or project member they did not know much about.

What did you do to solve it?

We implemented Coffee Roulette! This is a voluntary initiative that leverages a bot within a slack channel called #coffee_roulette. Every 4 weeks anyone in the channel will be matched up with another team member and the bot automatically creates a DM so they can plan out for a coffee on us! We provide those matched with gift cards to popular coffee watering holes.

What was the ROI / impact of your solution?

We celebrated the qualitative results here as meetups over coffee went viral on our more global slack channels. Employees shared pictures of their coffee meet-ups (sometimes via video conferencing!) and shared what they learned about each other. Bring on the emojis and feels.

What was your biggest learning?

Amplify the output. The results were so impactful, we quickly learned we needed a better way to capture and share results to drive further adoption of this initiative to the direct benefit of our employees. Intranet feeds are great places to share social success.

What was your biggest mistake? #Doh

Our biggest "mistake" was not making the initiative more measurable. With having costs involved, we quickly found that qualitative results alone wouldn't tell the entire story in how we would measure success. Also, this is important in order to help scale or build new initiatives off of Coffee Roulette.

Did you use any tools in your initiative?

Yes -

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