How Cisco Uses Snapchat for Employee Generated Content - HROS

What's your name?

Carmen Collins

What is your company name?

Cisco (WeAreCisco Team)

What's your title?

Social Media Lead, Talent Brand

How would you categorize your spark?

Recruiting - Employer Brand

What's the challenge you had to overcome?

Cisco's Talent Brand mission is to make personal connections with future talent. However, in order to connect with a new generation of talent (Gen Z) we had to take the message to them where they lived; Snapchat. In doing so, we wanted to stay true to our employee-generated content strategy, but also do it in a way that made sense for the way Snapchat works. 

What did you do to solve it?

The WeAreCisco answer to talent brand on Snapchat was to "hand the keys" to a select group of #LoveWhereYouWork ambassadors that we had identified through social listening and interactions on our other social channels. Every. Single. Day. Is an employee takeover. We never script (sometimes we prompt an idea or two), we treat them like an extension of our core team (sharing metrics and tips for new functionality) and the result is the most raw, authentic view of the Cisco Life that you can get.

What was the ROI / impact of your solution?

We're very excited to test Snapchat's new functionality to attach clickable links to a Snapchat Story (thank you Snapchat dieties!) but we know we're affecting brand awareness to a key demographic AND that we can directly attribute hires. Snapchat metrics are notoriously challenging, but through a vendor partnership, we can see that we have doubled our unique views in our year-long Snapchat journey (the number of views on the first Snap in a story) and engagement is strong, as 60-70% of those views complete the story. Additionally, through an activation with potential candidates at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Technology, we made two internship offers. 

What was your biggest learning?

That the content on Snapchat has to be Snapchatty - that is to say that produced and polished doesn't drive engagement - and that the longer the Snapchat story, the less metrics success.

What was your biggest mistake?

I wouldn't say "mistake" - but we've learned the types of content that certainly don't work. Sideways Snaps (the horror!), speakers at a podium, really long Snap stories. 

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