How Blizzard Entertainment Optimized Break Time - HR Open Source

What's your name?

Dina Medeiros

What is your company name?

Blizzard Entertainment

What's your title?

Director, Global Talent Attraction

What city is your company based in?

Irvine, CA

What country is your company based in?


How many employees does your company have?


How would you categorize your spark?

Recruiting - Employer Brand

What's the topic/title of your Spark share?

How Blizzard Entertainment Optimized "Break Time": A Call For Employee Content

What's the challenge you had to overcome?

We recently launched our Instagram channel. Our goal is to have it powered by employee generated content, we're shooting for a minimum of 80%. In order to achieve our goal we needed to create a pipeline, so we had to get creative.

What did you do to solve it?

When we launched we pushed the messaging out to our employees via our internal intranet. The response was positive, employees were engaged and we celebrated our launch. However as we all know, most launches are a point in time and then excitement fades and sustainability becomes the next challenge.

Weeks later I was in a 4 hour leadership training run by our T&OD team. The "Break" slide came up and it seemed like the perfect space to reach a cross functional captive audience. We reached out to the head of the team and simply asked if we could leverage the "Break" slide with a little message. They said yes.

What was the ROI / impact of your solution?

There are approx. 30 training sessions a month, with @20 people per class. Anticipating 10 training months annually = Reach of 6,000 employee views. It's early days but we have seen awareness grow and content is following...

What was your biggest learning?

Always ask, people love to help.

What was your biggest mistake? #Doh

Our messaging focused on specifically on Instagram, we should have included our other channels as an example as every employee has their favorite channel. 

Did you use any tools in your initiative?

Yes (below)

An example of the slide we use to promote engagement

An example of the slide we use to promote engagement

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