How Sysomos Launched and Took Action on Career Development Conversations

We recently launched quarterly Career Development Conversations (CDCs). We post 5-6 questions agreed upon by leadership in the performance module of our HRIS, Namely. The focus of the questions changes every quarter. For example, the first round focused on the theme “Where do you want to go in your career? What training and experience do you need to get there?” The onus was then on us to take actions based on the responses.

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PETA Foundation's Lessons Learned When Changing Their HRIS

What's the challenge you had to overcome?

In 2016, we moved everything over to a new HRIS, and rolled these features out to staff and management. It was a rocky start as found a lot of out dated information that long-term staff had never communicated to us (wait, you moved to Iowa in 2012?!). It was a big culture shift, getting staff to key in their own changes and look for information on their own. Think of the issue and we faced it.

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How Cisco Leverages Snapchat For Employee Generated Content [SPARK]

What's the challenge you had to overcome?

Cisco's Talent Brand mission is to make personal connections with future talent. However, in order to connect with a new generation of talent (Gen Z) we had to take the message to them where they lived; Snapchat. In doing so, we wanted to stay true to our employee-generated content strategy, but also do it in a way that made sense for the way Snapchat works. 

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