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Brand Descriptors

Brand Descriptors:

Open Source











This is who we are.        

HR Open Source (#HROS) is an initiative designed to bring an open source approach to HR and recruiting. The intent is to make it easier for practitioners to access resources, tips, and tools they need to succeed in today’s world of work. #HROS is committed to showcasing tangible resources dedicated to informing, educating, and inspiring the work of real HR and recruiting professionals.

The long term goal of #HROS is to create a knowledge bank of proven practice resources across a wide range of representative industries and company sizes, curating content and fostering collaboration, while driving innovation throughout the HR.

#HROS is an initiative designed to encourage employers to open up their HR playbook, share their practices, inspire and learn from their peers in talent acquisition and management. Every voice matters. Share yours.

Branding / Visual identity

The logo consists of two distinct elements: the lightning bolt and the wordmark.    

All elements are precisely designed and balanced. On the following pages, we’ll cover some basic rules about how to apply and use the HROS logo.

The electric lightning bolt is the core brand element of HROS

Primary Logo



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