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HR Open Source 2016 Goals - #HROS

What a year 2016 has already been for HROS!

After posting our Vision, Values, and Direction  in January, we’ve been busy behind the scenes partnering with our volunteer committees to focus on what success might look like for the community in 2016.

It’s our first official year which is extremely exciting! This year will be pivotal in informing what our long term plan is so be prepared for a lot of engagement on this as we go along.

On that note, it is important before we get started to share that we greatly welcome your ongoing feedback. This is a volunteer lead and community-fueled initiative so we will continue to iterate as we learn more about where HROS thrives best for you all in our ecosystem.

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Announcing Open Source HR Volunteer Teams

Thank you for the great feedback on our last post about our 2016 vision, mission, and values. Serving as the DNA to our movement, this dynamic framework is helping shape our strategic planning. We look forward to sharing that with you in a post next month but for now, exciting news to get out there.

Bottom line = we see the #HROS movement as becoming a real opportunity to positively change the industry. 

Vital to the success of this movement is partnership with our community to scale it big enough to influence change in a fundamental way. 

So last month we asked for volunteers to help us strategize and action how to drive this mandate forward. The response was humbling. Within the first week, we received over 100 submissions from six continents of fellow practitioners who were willing to contribute their free time to support.

Since then, we have been working on building the 2016 plan deliverables. Our big hope is for this year to build insights that will inform the right steps as we iterate forward. Trying to take all of that on for 100 people and growing as two currently employed, volunteer founders would not properly serve the community or this initiative very strongly.

In order to properly guide that, we decided we needed a tiger team of volunteers to help steer direction and make sure our asks of volunteers are of high impact and equal value proposition.

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Change The Game: Join HROS Volunteer Committees

What happens when thousands of HR practitioners from around the world come together to share ideas, open up their playbooks, and step out of their silos to collaborate, educate, and inspire like never before? We're going to find out in 2016 as the Open Source HR movement scales and grows. 

We Want You To Help Us Get There

The HROS community is the heart of this open source movement. Your contributions, ideas, and passion for this new effort are the key ingredients to propel this forward in 2016. 

One of our top priorities for Q1 is building our volunteer committees. We'll have three initial committees to start the new year. We wanted to break them down below to give you an idea of what each area will be working on to support HROS. 

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