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HR Open Source Hack Day Guide

Welcome to our first ever virtual hack day - a day dedicated to bring the HROS community together to populate our website’s searchable content resource library with 100 new resources for everyone to learn from! We’ve tried to make this process as easy as possible for everyone to participate by keeping the time ask to under 15 minutes. For those who can’t make it today, we will leave this open until Friday.

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HR Open Source Hack Day 2018

In December,  we shared with the community our an overview of our strategic goals for 2018. One of our key focuses under the community value building section was a relaunch of our website resource library. Our aim was to increase search engine functionality to make it a simpler experience. As part of that, we also reviewed our resource library content and felt that we should expand this goal to include increasing the volume of assets.

When we started thinking about what the best way to do that would be, we felt we would start where we always do - opening it up to the community to partner.

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