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HR Open Source Announces Multiyear Platinum Sponsorship with Greenhouse

Today marks another exciting milestone for the community. We’re thrilled to announce a new 3-year Platinum sponsorship with Greenhouse! They were the first company to officially sponsor HROS, and this new partnership reinforces their continued commitment to support collaboration and openness in the industry and advance progressive practices and capabilities.

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Announcing Our Inaugural Sponsors - HR Open Source

Through the first two years we self-funded. Our priority was getting to know the global community and partnering to help determine what we could build that would best support you - together. In February we announced a new sponsorship model to fuel our continued growth and expansion.

Our year one funding aim was relatively modest, aiming to cover basic operational expenses so we could continue building something meaningful and valuable. Over time, our goal is to bring on more sponsors to support our continued growth plans. In addition to helping us reach our growth goals, it will also allow us to establish a for-profit for good model where we can reinvest 10% of our revenue into an HROS Foundation to support innovation, training, and mentorship programs in HR and recruiting. With this, we are excited to share our inaugural group of sponsors to kick off this new chapter in HR Open Source’s history!

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