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Open Source HR: Mission, Vision, Values, 2016 Direction

As we enter 2016 and begin to scale, we wanted to start the year by sharing the Mission, Vision, and Values for Open Source HR. These will be the guiding principles that will serve as the foundation of HROS, and guide and steer our decision-making as we grow. 

We also wanted to provide a high-level overview with direction for 2016 so the community knows where we're going - and how they can contribute.

As you are the community we are supporting and partnering with on this adventure, it is vital to us that this is something you feel reflects what you’d like to see from HROS and what we will hold each other accountable to as a community as we grow. 

We welcome your feedback on the mission, vision, and values. We’ll also be partnering with the volunteer committees to refine in the early stages of 2016 before finalizing. Please leave a comment, or contact Ambrosia or Lars directly with your feedback.

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