HR Open Source Hack Day Guide


Welcome to our first ever virtual hack day - a day dedicated to bring the HROS community together to populate our website’s searchable content resource library with 100 new resources for everyone to learn from!

We’ve tried to make this process as easy as possible for everyone to participate by keeping the time ask to under 15 minutes. For those who can’t make it today, we will leave this open until Friday.

Three Steps To Submit:

  1. Review our brief content guidance below

  2. Click the online form link to submit resources

  3. Feel free to share out the form with anyone in your network

From there, we will review and reach out if we have any questions or asks. Resources, as well as a blog recap with thank yous, will be posted June 26th.

Content Guidance:

  1. The main criteria is to share actionable resources (templates, playbooks, etc) that help practitioners with “the how”. Check out for examples

  2. Sales, product, or self promotion materials of any kind will not be included

  3. Submissions must be free and ungated

  4. If you are sharing an internal document make sure you have permission

  5. We'll host all of the selected submission on with full source attribution/credit to the contributor/creator and link back to the original source (if online)

Key Content Areas We're Targeting:

As always, we are focused on sharing progressive practices in HR and Recruiting. Please submit any topic in those fields you’d like. Based on your input in the Future of Work Report, here are some ideas of what we’ve heard folks are looking for:

  • Career Development Tools and Guides

  • Individual Development Plans

  • New Manager Training Tools and Guides

  • Change Management Training Materials

  • First Week Onboarding Template

  • New practices for Employee / Manager 1:1 Meetings

  • Respectful Workplace Training Materials

  • Examples of Employer Branding Campaigns, Tools, and Dashboards

  • Tools Supporting Employee-Driven Employer Branding Campaigns

  • Diversity Employer Branding Materials

  • Innovative Health Wellness Benefits Programs

  • Recruiting Metrics Dashboards or Executive Reports

  • Free/ Low-Cost Employee Engagement Programs for Startups

  • Examples of Employee Engagement Survey Processes

  • Remote Employee Performance Management Tools

  • Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Bias Training and/or Support Materials

  • GDPR Training Materials for Managers

  • Resources and Guides to People Analytics

  • Sourcing Tools and Templates

  • Anything in our Recent HROS Future of Work Report

Happy Hacking (and thank you)!

Contribute to Hack Day

You can contribute to hack day via the embedded survey below or natively via this link.

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