HR Open Source 2017 Year in Review - HR Open Source


How is it the end of 2017 already?

We have been heads down (as I am sure many of you have) in building our HROS community and wanted to share a recap of where we’ve been. We will also give a sneak peek about what you can expect more of in 2018.


Where We’ve Been


This year we celebrated our 2nd anniversary! This was a huge milestone for us. Here are some highlights:

  • Doubled to 4921 practitioners, hitting 98.5% of 5000 growth goal (there are still 2 weeks left…;))

  • Practitioner location coverage increased to 70+ countries globally

  • 29 case studies contributed, from 20 different member companies

  • HROS case studies received 100,000+ views and downloads

  • Launched mini case studies Sparks in August with 7 contributions to date.

  • Increased Collective Intellect Facebook group engagement to 824 daily active users

  • Mapped top 5 cities for engaged members to San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, London, Chicago respectively

  • Spread the HROS story and hosted community events at Linkedin Talent Connect, TalentNet SXSW, HR Tech Europe, HR Tech Fest South Africa, RecFest London, HR Tech World America.

  • Presented at 17 conferences spanning 3 continents

  • Introduced a sponsor model with Namely, Greenhouse, Universum, The Muse, Lever, and Amplify joining inaugural year

  • Signed first multi-year sponsor (Namely, Platinum)

  • Rebranded HROS logo, design collateral, and website with the help of our friends at Ph Creative

  • Redesigned to center around search and indexed all of our content (resources, templates, case studies, sparks) so practitioners can quickly find the help they need

  • Press including Fast Company, Forbes, SHRM, Computer Weekly, and HRN

  • Built strategic annual goals for 2018 and a projected operating budget to align to it.

  • Incorporated and trademarked as a US company


Here are some learnings we take forward with us:

  • At the beginning of the year, we explored becoming a  501c3. After some diligence and legal discussions, we decided that model might hamper our growth and moved to a not-for-profit model. In time, we’d like to revisit and explore creating an HROS foundation within the organization.

  • The virtual nature of the community means sharing ideas with practitioners from Seattle to Singapore. While that diversity of learning and thought is incredibly valuable, we’ve found the in-person meetups and events really solidify the engagement and bonds within the community.

  • Building a constant content pipeline is challenging, especially when you are focused on high-quality output and the co-founders have day jobs. We will be looking to bring in some help in 2018 to keep the bar and volume high.

  • Ventures to EMEA and APAC gave us insight into global growth goals for 2018.

  • Brand ambassadors are awesome - thank you for those who shared at the conferences you spoke at and evangelized HROS.


Where We’re Going


Since we live in quite separate places (Lars east coast usa / Ambrosia west coast canada), we spend a ton of time decentralized working (thank you Google Hangouts!). The great part of that is that when we come together to focus on strategy, we’re laser-focused on what we think will make the biggest impact on our community. Here is where we landed for 2018:

Screenshot 2018-06-14 14.50.51.png

This is straight from our HROS 2018 sponsor prospectus which you can read in more detail if interested HERE.

It shows that while our strategic buckets haven’t changed, we’ve put in some of our big builds to focus on community value.

A key area will be around our resource library with search engine functionality. While we aren’t planning on taking over Google any time soon, we feel this will be a much more user friendly experience for those who want to pop in quickly and grab some learnings to take back.

The second key area as we mentioned is increasing our volume in case studies and sparks with some extra hands joining the team on a part time basis. We will share out the job posting in the new year if you know someone awesome!

2017 was a big year for us - we learned a lot, grew a lot, and had a blast. We have no doubt that with the hyper-growth goals ahead for 2018, it will be an adventure. It is important to state that none of this would be possible without the passionate support of the HROS community. Greenhouse was our first ever sponsor this year leading the charge (thank you, Maia!), Robin Schooling stepped in to run our blog, Grace Chiu managed our Twitter so we could focus on FB group engagement, Leela Srinivasan lead the pack in content sharing, and George LaRocque opened his network and analyst skills to help us begin designing our first global survey. There are too many to mention but we are grateful for you all. Thank you.

Happy holidays to you all and get ready to buckle up for 2018!

Ambrosia & Lars