Announcing: New HROS Board Structure for 2019


It’s been nearly four years since we launched HR Open Source. The idea of creating a global community of practitioners accelerating the spread of progressive practices in HR grew from a conceptual discussion over beers, to a pilot program at Hootsuite, to a global initiative of almost 7,000 members in 80+ countries.

As co-founders, we’ve had the privilege of meeting the community in several corners of the world, shining a light on innovative peer practices, connecting practitioners online and in person, and helping pave a tangible path towards the future of work. We’ve been living the volunteer founder hustle from the gritty to the glamorous and enjoyed every second.

This summer we both took time away to unplug and focus on family and new business ventures. Ambrosia became a mom (hi Mona!) and returned recently to support the integration of Duo’s acquisition by Cisco. Lars started a new HR executive search practice (hi Amplify!) and reduced travel to spend more time with his family. Our good friend Robin Schooling managed the Facebook community while we were away (thanks, Robin!) to make this possible.

During this time we had many conversations - about where we were in our own lives, where HROS is, and where it’s going. Our conversations kept coming back to one of HROS’s core values, “the community is greater than the individual.

That guiding principle helped us to conclude that we needed to recalibrate our own roles within HROS. HROS has grown by force of will. While some of this happened online, this also required frequent globetrotting to evangelize and spread our mission to practitioners around the world.

Quite simply and frankly, we’re not in a position to do that anymore with young ones at home and competing priorities at work. We reached the realization that our current structure, with the two of us driving all aspects of HROS on a volunteer basis, was getting in the way and ultimately becoming an impediment to growth.

We believe as deeply in the mission and potential of HROS to lead transformation in the HR/recruiting field as much today as we did when we first conceived the idea. We are confident that this open source and peer learning model works.

That made it easier for us to set ego aside and create a path forward that best served the ethos of the initiative and the scaling needs of the community.

The Path Forward

It is time to pass the torch. To do this, we’ll be creating an operating board to drive HROS into the future (more details below). Once the board is established, we (Ambrosia and Lars) will step back into support/advisory role focused on enabling the success of the board.

These new leaders will be the new face of HROS; running the strategic objectives and day-to-day operations; including content, community, governance, finances, marketing, events, etc.

Our aim with the board is to select a diverse mix of global practitioners from various seniorities and sectors who share a vision for a more progressive and collaborative field. Equally important to us is a group that will function effectively to execute the shared goals of the community.

Most importantly to us (and what we’ve heard from you all) is that they live up to our commitment to forever being a peer-driven and FREE community.

Board Roles

We’ve broken the board roles into four distinct functions as defined below. Like our roles have been, these are non-paid volunteer positions. It’s also hands-on building, not just meeting participation.

Given that, we want to be transparent about the level of time and effort this will take. These roles will require 2-4 hours/week with potentially more in the first 6 months. We know many of you may not be in a position to dedicate that level of time, but we feel it’s important to establish that commitment upfront.

Of course, there are many benefits associated with the visibility and impact of these roles, but it is important to be in a position to put in the required hours to make an impact.

The board will be comprised of the following 9 individual roles. The initial board members will serve a two-year term. While it will be the role of the newly formed board will be to establish the operating goals for 2019, we’ve included some examples that live under each committee:

Governance (3 positions)

  • Transition HROS from LLC to a 501c3 status

  • Lead 2019 goal setting process

  • Develop 2019 operating budget

  • Transition paid accounts (website, email marketing, etc.)

Community (2 positions)

  • Develop annual community engagement plan

  • Build community events plan (online/offline)

Content (2 positions)

  • Source, develop, and publish case studies, sparks, and blog posts

  • Evolve content library resources

  • Manage

  • Maintain HROS newsletter

  • Develop and publish 2019 Future of Work report

Marketing & Partnerships (2 positions)

  • Grow community to 10,000 members

  • Drive sponsorship and/or content partnership model

  • Liaise and coordinate with sponsors and partners

Here are our last two annual plans and goals as a reference if you want to nerd out more: 2018/2017.

The Application Process

If you’re interested in pursuing one of these board roles, please complete this brief application form. If you know someone you think would be a good addition to the board feel free to pass it along to them to complete. The application deadline is Saturday December 1st, 2018.

Starting December 2nd, Ambrosia and Lars will review and compile a group of finalists they and several selected HROS advisors will interview. These interview advisors will remain confidential. It will be 3 rounds of 60 minute interviews maximum. We will have standardized questions and scorecards to ensure we run a fair and equitable practice.

In terms of timing, the interview process will run through December. We’ll announce the new board members by the end of January.

What’s Next

First and foremost, it’s been an honor for both of us to lead this effort over the past four years! Thank you forever for this experience.

While we are stepping back, we are not stepping out. We’ll still be here - you can’t shake us. ;) As active participants, advisors, and peers in the trenches with you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the board roles, please reach out to us at

Lars & Ambrosia