Introducing HROS Sparks - HR Open Source

Since launching in 2015, our goal has been to shine a bright light on progressive HR and recruiting practices around the world. Our aim to build a global platform where practitioners could come together and exchange practices, ideas, templates, failures, and inspiration.

Our initial content vehicle for sharing was through HROS case studies; in-depth overviews of broad strategic initiatives written by fellow practitioners. They present a detailed view on the what, why, how, metrics, failures, learnings, and technology behind strategic initiatives.

While case studies are fantastic resources, we recognize they’re quite a commitment for practitioners to develop. We’ve had many conversations over the years with people in the global community who express a desire to share, but don’t have the cycles to contribute.

We still have a long list of case studies heading your way in the pipeline but to help keep sharing easy and accessible for everyone, we’re excited to share what we’ve cooked up.

Introducing Sparks

Sparks are brief one-page summaries that community practitioners create to share actionable learnings of progressive initiatives they have executed. Snack sized case studies.

Sparks are lightweight but still built to provide educational and inspirational value. Continuing to ask folks to share their why, what, how, learnings, and resources, these contributions will live on the searchable new Sparks page of our website.  

So besides the length and time commitment, what is different from the case studies? These submissions will not be part of our usual peer review board and collaborative editing process like case studies. We’ll still review each submission to ensure it meets the contribution criteria and lives up to our HROS values expectations (for example - no sales pitches…), but it is an accelerated process designed to remove friction and support much more peer direct sharing.

How to Contribute

We have built two ways for practitioners to submit. Feel free to use either but you don’t need to use both;)  

A reminder that Sparks are intended to be about progressive people practices as opposed to traditional “best practices” (SHRM is better for that…) so we ask that you keep that in mind when contributing.

It should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Option #1 - Through The Survey Directly

To make it easy,  we’ve developed a dynamic survey tool that guides you through the process (see below).

You can access the full survey here.

Option #2 - Through Spark Bot on Facebook Messenger

To make it even easier, we created a Spark Bot (below) inside of Facebook Messenger.

This bot is admittedly fairly basic for now, but it will guide through the process just fine.

You can check out the bot here, and it will live in our new HROS company Facebook page.

Once you submit, a screen will display the next steps in the process so you can follow. We review quickly and will notify directly when it is published. We will also share out on our Facebook community page and twitter.

Where To Read Sparks

Don’t have time to contribute yet but want to check them out? All sparks will be found on our website  We’ll also share it out when new ones are published.

This is a new learning resource for the community and one we are excited about! A big thanks to the many who piloted this and helped iterate to where it is today.

Surely Sparks will grow with us so feel free to leave a comment below, or send us a message at


Ambrosia & Lars