Funding and Sponsorship - HR Open Source

HR Open Source was launched in 2015 as an answer to the question, “what would happen if HR and recruiting practitioners around the world had free access to resources to inform and inspire their work?” It began as a pilot to test that theory, but soon grew into something much more meaningful spanning 50+ countries.

We have spent last year traveling the world and getting to know our community. What problems do they face? What roadblocks impede their growth? What resources will help them prepare their companies for the future?

We self-funded in 2016 to focus on understanding how we could build something impactful, lasting, and designed to solve the real problems practitioners in our industry face at scale. With the help of our community, we’ve answered many of those questions and are ready to take the next step in the evolution of HROS.

2017 Funding Model

We explored a variety of models over the last several months. The only non-negotiable term was that all resources, case studies, community platforms, etc. must remain zero cost to practitioners. HROS was built on a belief of democratizing access to information, so keeping all of the case studies and resources free was essential.

We first considered a non-profit path, and went pretty far down that road before realizing that the mechanics and governance of that model may actually hinder our sustainability. We pivoted and decided a for-profit for-good model would better serve the community and support our current long-term growth aspirations. We will continue to revisit this as we scale.

We’ve established HROS as an LLC that will be funded on a sponsorship model. It will continue to be led by Ambrosia Vertesi and Lars Schmidt and fueled by the 2500+ community members around the world.

As a way to reinforce our a commitment to being a “for profit, for good” organization, we are exploring different approaches to contributing to additional programs that advance the HR and recruiting community. We’ll engage the community on what you would like to see so we can think through this together later in the year.

We’re committed to openness and transparency along the way. Accordingly, we’re sharing our sponsorship pitch deck below. This is the deck we’ll be taking to the market as we begin seeking sponsors who share our vision of empowering a more progressive and innovative field of HR.

If your company is interested in sponsoring, or you have any questions or ideas, reach out anytime via

We're excited for this next chapter in the evolution of HR Open Source, and look forward to continuing to shine a light on progressive practitioners and practices around the world.