We're Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary - HR Open Source

It’s hard to imagine this month marks the one year anniversary of the public unveiling of HR Open Source. It’s been an amazing ride, and we’re honored and humbled to have met so many like-minded practitioners around the world who share our vision for a more open and collaborative global HR community.

In the past year we’ve seen our community grow to over 1,000 members from 35+ countries. We’ve learned about some of the great work being done at companies like Dell, Virgin Media, Opower, Lever, and many more. We’ve traveled the world sharing our story and meeting practitioners from London to Sydney. We’ve seen over 200 members volunteer to help ensure HROS succeeds.

Most importantly, we’ve had dozens of conversations with community members all over the world about how HROS can be a valuable resource. You’ve shared feedback on case study topics you’d like to see, creating a centralized collaboration platform, clarifying how the community can support, and more.

We’re excited to share some new announcements in response to your feedback.

Re-Introducing HROS.co

HROS.co! This new streamlined version is intended to be a destination website - your one stop shop for all things HROS.

Design: Streamlined content, updated visual assets, layout of the site to make it easier to engage.

Community: includes all of the ways you all can engage, support, share, and amplify HROS.    

Forum: One of the recurring comments from the community is that our presence and conversation on multiple platforms (email, web, Facebook, Twitter, #HROS) makes it difficult to know where to go for conversation and sharing. Our current platforms also make it difficult to search for previously shared knowledge and insights. We’ve been working with our volunteers on a potential solution we hope will be a huge value add.

Introducing The Forum

One of the most powerful components of HROS is the combined knowledge and experience of our members. This Collective Intellect is on display in our facebook groups, blog comments, twitter, and more.

The HROS Forum allows members all around the world to more easily share learnings, ask questions, promote jobs, ask for help, mobilize for events, and get to know each other. It is a searchable platform, making it easier for you to search past discussions to find the answers or inspiration you’re looking for. It lives inside of the HROS.co website, so now all of the content and conversation are centralized.  

We recognize to date we have enabled the Facebook group as the main hub for the community. It has had it’s strengths and limitations but it will still exist of course. We will work with you all to decide how they will fit together to complement vs. compete.

Path To Non-Profit

To date, HROS has been entirely self-funded by us as founders. It was important for us to focus on building something of value, and understanding how we can create something that best supports the global needs of the community before worrying about revenue to cover operations. As we’ve been doing that, we’ve been exploring revenue models that will allow HROS to cover growing operating costs and be a sustainable initiative in 2017 and beyond.

We’ve explored a variety of possible paths, but after a lot of thought and soul-searching felt that a non-profit direction would best align to empower the HROS ethos, and allow us to continue building something catered to supporting the needs of the community - together.

We’re researching things like the Khan academy and Wikipedia (not exactly the same as us of course). That does mean we’d be engaging potential future sponsors, partners, and donations to help keep the lights on and keep your membership free. Whatever path we pursue, keeping all of the case studies, resources, and conversation free to all members is our primary driver. 

We plan to begin the (long) process of becoming a non-profit in Q4 and will keep the community updated on progress. Any feedback, resources, or services you think would be helpful are much appreciated.

Closing Thoughts

A year in, we continue to learn a lot in this adventure. With all of the amazing things we’ve mentioned above, we’ve also made mistakes, missed opportunities, and leaned on you all for help in moments when we were exhausted by trying to juggle this with our full time jobs and family lives. We’ve been inspired by the generosity of everyone here on a daily basis to support making this a reality. Thank you forever.

We’re not huge on quotes but we will leave you with this one since, while we might be the ones working to facilitate some of the HROS community operations side, it will no doubt continue to need each of us at the helm to inspire the change we want to see in our industry.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


Ambrosia & Lars