HR Open Source 2016 Goals - #HROS

What a year 2016 has already been for HROS!

After posting our Vision, Values, and Direction  in January, we’ve been busy behind the scenes partnering with our volunteer committees to focus on what success might look like for the community in 2016.

It’s our first official year which is extremely exciting! This year will be pivotal in informing what our long term plan is so be prepared for a lot of engagement on this as we go along.

On that note, it is important before we get started to share that we greatly welcome your ongoing feedback. This is a volunteer lead and community-fueled initiative so we will continue to iterate as we learn more about where HROS thrives best for you all in our ecosystem.

HR Open Source Member Companies

HR Open Source Member Companies

Our Why Drivers

We started our planning by revisiting our drivers for why HROS exists. Taking a page out of the Simon Sinek book, this helped us in aligning our short and long term focus.

  • There is a growing gap between leaders and laggards in HR. We aim to narrow that by creating a global community of people practitioners willing to collaborate and share for the betterment of the HR field.

  • The open source model profoundly changed the software engineering industry, accelerating an industry wide innovation and technological advancement that created software that’s now the backbone of the modern web. We aim to apply this same model and methodology to #HROS.

  • We imagine a searchable list of curated resources and peer-reviewed case studies, available at no cost, to educate, inspire, and action.

  • #HROS is a movement designed to encourage employers to open up their HR playbook, share their best practices, inspire and learn from their peers. Every voice matters.

The Big Picture

We mentioned in an earlier post that we enter 2016 laser-focused on three things: Marketing & Amplification, Content & Value, Community & Partnerships. (pssst a refresher HERE if you want to revisit that post)

Before we got started on how we would empower those areas, we organized our strategic alignment overview. Admittedly, these are big strategy buckets but our hope was that it would be enough to give our committees some clear direction on how we could achieve this.

HROS focus - 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.42.18 PM.png

2016: A #GSD (get shit done) Year

Members of the #HROS community in San Francisco, London, DC, Austin, and Melbourne. 

Members of the #HROS community in San Francisco, London, DC, Austin, and Melbourne. 

As mentioned, HROS is a volunteer lead and community-fueled initiative which means your buy in on not only what the goals are but how you can engage is vital to us. In all fairness we’re also currently a zero budget initiative so there is that consideration too. ;)

After much collaboration, we’re thrilled to share with you our focus or 2016:

Marketing and amplification

Strategic Theme: Grow HROS community


  • Amplification and case study lead generation strategy
  • HR practice area strategy and recruiting
  • Partner marketing kit
  • International marketing strategy

How YOU can engage and support:

  • Share HROS content (case studies and blog posts)
  • Pass along any press, event, or other introductions and opportunities
  • Speaking at an event? Include this slide to plug HROS and/or join us for a beer gathering

Content and peer review

Strategic Theme: Drive sharing mindset


  • Develop editorial calendar and workflow
  • Publish bi-weekly case studies and blog posts
  • Additional content integration strategy

How YOU can engage and support:

  • Sourcing leads for case studies! Know someone? Make introductions
  • Providing feedback on content so we can improve as we go (what do you want to learn?)
  • Hold us accountable to ensuring global coverage on all functions of HR as possible

Community and partnerships

Strategic Theme: Engage global community


  • Expand community membership and conversation on Facebook
  • Expand community membership and conversation on Twitter
  • Engage HROS community to ensure robust conversation on social channels
  • Expand global community and conversations

How YOU can engage and support:

  • Help us keep our conversations high value on social channels
  • Keep a regular out for community questions on the Facebook group and add your expertise
  • Share HROS with your peers; encourage them to visit to register and connected on our social channels
  • Heading to a conference? Tweet us at #HROS when you see a great session you'd like to see as a case study?

We encourage all thoughts and feedback on this! Did we miss anything? Is there something you want to see? Let us know.

In the next few weeks Ambrosia will be hitting up the HRTechFest and HRMA. Heading there? She will post on our Facebook work an invite to grab a beer and nerd out the week of the conferences. Ambrosia and Lars will both be at SHRM annual in June, so if you’re around be sure to let us know.

Until then...join us on the Facebook group to share your thoughts!