Power To The People

Hey! We’re the people!  Well...the #HROS blog people anyway. We're very excited to introduce ourselves as the new editors of the #HROS blog. Over the coming weeks, you'll begin to see a regular publishing cadence of news, insights, practices, and resources to help inform and inspire your work in HR. Before we get into what to expect here, let us take a moment to introduce ourselves. 

First up…Robin Schooling

I’m Robin Schooling and I’m a proud card-carrying HR Lady (I claim that cliche-ridden title in order to dispel the stereotypes by the way). I’ve held my SPHR certification for 20 years and the SHRM-SCP since, well, it came into vogue. I’m the VP of HR for a casino in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have slogged my way through a variety of industries including banking, health care, 3PL and gaming. That gaming part is kind of sexy isn’t it? I mean think about it; I can manage your FMLA leave and, maybe, tell you how to get comps by rolling a 7 or 11 while simultaneously ordering a delicious White Russian.

I speak at a bunch of conferences and events, have a fairly popular HR blog, and contribute to sites like Recruiting Daily, HRExaminer, and SHRM. I love Twitter, serve on Advisory Boards for HROnboard and BlackbookHR, and am the biggest local cheerleader for my ATD Baton Rouge chapter and the Baton Rouge Social Media Association. I’ve been a SHRM volunteer leader (for decades!) and once upon a time received an award as “HR Professional of the Year.” I have 4 (!!) dogs – Libby, Marley, Frank Lapidus and Mr. Crumples. I believe there is nothing more important than my never-ending quest to find the perfect French 75, and I’m a fervent and unapologetic fan of the New Orleans Saints.

I’m also on a mission to make organizations better by making HR better.

Which is why I love and adore every-single-thing about HR Open Source.

I’ve long been an advocate for connecting people to people as well as connecting people to ideas. I love when we share information, inspire each other, and take action based upon what we learn. There is nothing (nothing!) better than sitting around a pub or a coffee shop and telling our stories. War games. Tales of woe. Tales of victory.

I want to hear about my peers’ successes but I also want to hear about what they learned and what they would change after trying something spectacular and (it’s OK) maybe even going down in flames. I’ve been there and done that myself.

I also, let’s face it, want to hear about how I could scale that shit up or scale it back down. We’re not all Apple or Zappos or Hootsuite (sorry Ambrosia); some of us live out here in flyover country and are thirsting for information that we can apply in real life day to day. I love the idea of #HROS because I want the HR leader of a regional bank in Midwest USA with 1000 employees be as SUPER successful as the sexy company with a recognizable logo and $1 million Superbowl ads. Because I know – I KNOW – that HR leader at that regional bank is a superstar!

Now on to Kerry Noone...

I’m Kerry Noone and I’m not an HR Lady.  In fact, before 2007 I had no idea at all what HR people did other than help me get a job, inform me about my benefits as a new employee and occasionally fire people. I may or may not have assumed all HR people were either the “good cops” or the “bad cops” depending on the situation. And, Dude, I prefer white wine to the delicious White Russian. 

I’m a marketing communications gal. I have a BA in Corporate Communications and an MA in Publication Design with a concentration in graphic design for print. When I graduated with my MA in 1996, digital marketing was just getting started. My first “real” job was as a graphic design/communications coordinator at a non-profit technology company in Washington, DC and I’m sure there was nice HR Lady, who received my FAXED resume and thankfully, in spite of my lack of experience, she gave me a call. 

Fast forward ten years to 2007 when my career really began as I joined Sodexo’s (award winning) Talent Acquisition Group as Employer Branding Manager.  This was a new role and kudos to the group for having the vision of creating this position. Certainly, the first of it’s kind in the food and facility industry and for sure one of the first in the HR profession overall.  I say this is when my career really began because when I became an Employer Branding Manager, I discovered a whole new appreciation for HR. It was when I discovered what HR professionals really do. From hiring “best fit” (fingers crossed) talent, to communicating benefits, to educating employees, to process improvement, to policy enforcement, and yes, even firing people and so much in between. They do it all, and they are marketers… just like me.

I learn something new every day from the HR professionals I’m connected to on social media. Every single day. 

I learned about to HR Open Source (#HROS) at Linkedin Talent Connect in October. I knew Lars from the DC employer branding community and I knew of Ambrosia from Twitter.  When they took the stage in Anaheim, CA to share their vision to transform the field of HR with HROS, I was oddly star struck.  It was like coming home… only to no home I'd ever known. Here two well known and well respected HR professionals were not only sharing knowledge - they were encouraging others to do the same. Engaging people and building relationships is the essence of being a great HR professional.

When the call for volunteers for #HROS volunteers was posted on the HROS Facebook page, my hand immediately went up. 

I’ve met HR professionals from around the world who share a passion for learning, and I hope to goodness I can provide as much learning as the HR community has provided me. So, in the spirit of giving back, let’s come together as a team of HR professionals to impact our profession through our collective quest for knowledge.

Hopefully, right now you are thinking, “how can I contribute to this great group of HR pros?” Am I right, or am I right or am I right? Right? Right? Right?

Stay tuned.

By the way, I referenced three lines from three different well known movies in this introduction – who can name them?

Okay enough about us, let’s talk about what you can expect from the #HROS blog moving forward.

Information. Inspiration. Action. 

Three words that characterize #HROS as we move, collectively, in alignment with our mission to “become one of the leading global resources for collaborative learning, education, and inspiration in HR.”

Learning from others. Sharing of work in order to advance both the conversation and the profession. Connecting and talking.  Here at #HROS we aim to accomplish those goals in several ways.

By now, you’re likely very familiar with the #HROS case studies. In addition to the case studies, we’ll also be sharing several blog posts each month. These posts, in the spirit of Open Source, will feature contributors who have information to share, tips, tools, hacks, etc. Essentially knowledge and resources that can help educate and inspire your work.

As members of the Content Volunteer Team we look forward to writing for the HROS blog, curating content from other sources, and helping some of you share your own stories here.

Interested in contributing? Hit us up any time and let us know what you have in mind.

Oh yeah – one more thing. If you haven’t registered yet for HROS, go to HROS.co/join to sign up and stay informed of case studies, blog posts, and other HROS community updates.

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