Announcing Open Source HR Volunteer Teams

Thank you for the great feedback on our last post about our 2016 vision, mission, and values. Serving as the DNA to our movement, this dynamic framework is helping shape our strategic planning. We look forward to sharing that with you in a post next month but for now, exciting news to get out there.

Bottom line = we see the #HROS movement as becoming a real opportunity to positively change the industry.

Vital to the success of this movement is partnership with our community to scale it big enough to influence change in a fundamental way.

So last month we asked for volunteers to help us strategize and plan how to drive this mandate forward. The response was humbling. Within the first week, we received over 100 submissions from six continents of fellow practitioners who were willing to contribute their free time to support.

Since then, we have been working on building the 2016 plan deliverables. Our big hope is for this year to build insights that will inform the right steps as we iterate forward. Trying to take all of that on for 100 people and growing as two currently employed, volunteer founders would not properly serve the community or this initiative very strongly.

In order to properly guide that, we decided we needed a tiger team of volunteers to help steer direction and make sure our asks of volunteers are of high impact and equal value proposition.

So what does all this mean? We’ve organized volunteer steering committees around our three core focuses of growth for 2016:

  • Marketing & Amplification
  • Content & Peer Review
  • Community & Partnerships

With two leads and up to ten members in each category, these folks will support ensuring traction and activation of our holistic volunteer group. We feel this will allow us to grow this movement, thoughtfully and deliberately, while ensuring the community is extracting high value from their participation. Serving a one year term, we will continue to review this approach to make sure everyone is getting a chance to contribute as they would like.

Full disclosure that our selection process was not without trade offs. With a need for speed we did lean on trying to balance as best we could equal representation of diversity, specialization, existing participation to date, and existing relationships. If we had any bias it was probably towards committee leads being people with the strongest background in community building in their areas that we had already seen in action personally. We own that. But we also hope that you trust as the year goes on and we get more faces, and get to know more of the community through their contributions, there will be a ton of opportunity to step in together.

So how will other volunteers get involved? Our next post will be sharing our strategic deliverables as well as how we will be activating you folks in a real way over the year! In the meantime, let’s keep the dialogue open on our Facebook page.

Now that we’ve walked you through our decision-making and selection process, please join us in welcoming our 2016 Open Source HR Volunteer Committees.

Community & Partnerships

Johannes Sundlo (co-lead) - Spotify, HR Controller

Lisa Cervenka (co-lead) - Brand Amper, Chief Brand Officer

Derek Isley (co-lead) - Hootsuite, Director Talent Acquisition

Damon Klotz - Culture Amp, Head of Digital & Community

Barb Bidan - Indeed, VP Global Talent Acquisition

Bill Boorman -, Managing Director - Technology & Innovation | Founder, #tru

David Green - IBM, Global Director, People Analytics Solutions (IBM Kenexa Smarter Workforce)

Olivier Lambel - Shelde, Head of People

Shane Gray - Clinch, VP Global Business Development


Marketing & Amplification

Maren Hogan (co-lead) - Red Branch Media, Chief Marketing Brain

George LaRocque (co-lead) - President, LAROCQUE, LLC

Will Staney - Proactive Talent Strategies LLC, Founder & Principal

Crystal Miller - Branded Strategies, Founder & Principal

Jennifer Candee - SABMiller, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

Jessica Miller-Merrell - Xceptional HR, Chief Strategist & Consultant

Chris Long - Reserve Bank of Australia, Talent Sourcing Lead

Audra Knight - CareerArc, Social Recruiting Client Success Manager

Trish McFarlane - H3 HR Advisors, CEO & Principal Analyst


Content & Peer Review

Stacy Zapar (co-lead) - Tenfold, Founder

Craig Fisher (co-lead) - CA Technologies, Director Talent Acquisition Marketing

Robin Schooling - Hollywood Casino, VP Human Resources

Kerry Noone - Battelle, Sr HR Director - Branding, Diversity, and Engagement

Aaron Rector - Cisco, Sr Talent Brand Manager

Mike Bailen - Eventbrite, Director of Recruiting

Lars Christen Elvenes - HR Norge, Fagansvarlig/Senior HR Advisor

Kyle Lagunas - Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Principal Analyst - Talent Acquisition

Holland Dombeck McCue - Cox Enterprises, Employment Branding & Digital Marketing Specialist


Grace Chiu will continue to work closely with both of us on special projects throughout the year.

Thanks again to everyone who has rallied around this initiative. We’re in chapter one of this story, and excited to write the next chapter together in 2016.

Ambrosia & Lars