Calling Out for Case Studies - HR Open Source

When was the last time you faced a challenge at work you weren't quite sure how to solve? Perhaps it was a new initiative that was vital to your company - yet you had no idea where to start.

What if you had access to free case studies contributed by your peers around the world who've successfully done that very thing you're struggling with? Not just what they did, but specific details on:

  • Exactly how they did it
  • The ROI and impact it had on their business
  • Where they made mistakes (so you don't repeat them)
  • And what technology and tools they used to get it right

Helping practitioners solve these problems was the guiding inspiration behind HROS Case Studies

We created them to help practitioners get actionable advice, inspiration, and specific "how to's" to implement innovative HR and recruiting practices in their organizations.

These case studies are written by real practitioners, solving real problems, with real results. Practitioners and companies willing to open their playbooks and share their work to help you learn from your peers and drive progressive practices in your organization. 




Call for Case Studies

In 2017 we'll be sharing more case studies, from more practitioners, all around the world. The deck below shares details on why these case studies are important to advancing the fields of HR and Recruiting, and how to get involved.

Please consider sharing this post or the deck below with any HR or Recruiting practitioners you feel or doing innovative work, and might be willing to share it. 

How To Submit A Case Study

  1. Visit to complete a brief survey (3-5 minutes).
  2. We'll review your submission and assign an editor to follow up with you to discuss.
  3. Once we determine together if the topic fits, we'll discuss timeline and calendar.
  4. You will draft v1 of the case study using our HROS Case Study Template.
  5. Your editor will help you refine your story.
  6. Your editor will build the case study and determine target publish date.
  7. We'll post and promote the hell out of it so your story gets in the hands of practitioners who will benefit from your experience.