Open Source HR: Mission, Vision, Values, 2016 Direction

As we enter 2016 and begin to scale, we wanted to start the year by sharing the first iteration of the Mission, Vision, and Values for Open Source HR. These will be the guiding principles that will serve as the foundation of HROS, and inform and steer our decision-making as we grow.

We also wanted to provide a high-level overview with direction for 2016 so the community knows where we're going - and how they can contribute.

As you are the community we are supporting and partnering with on this adventure, it is vital to us that this is something you feel reflects what you’d like to see from HROS and what we will hold each other accountable to as a community as we grow.

We welcome your feedback on the mission, vision, and values. Please leave a comment below, join the conversation on Facebook, or contact Ambrosia or Lars directly with your feedback.

We’ll also be partnering with the volunteer committees when they're established at the end of the month to refine in the early stages of 2016 before finalizing. 

What is HROS?

Open Source HR (#HROS) is a volunteer initiative designed to foster community and make it easier for practitioners to access peers, knowledge, and resources they need to succeed in today’s world of work.

Our Vision:

Transform the field of HR to become more strategic and innovative by democratizing access to ideas, education, and inspiration.

Our Values:

Sharing is caring (openness)

Have an impact (action)

The community is greater than the individual (humility)

Learn through collaboration (inspire)


Become one of the leading global resources for collaborative learning, education, and inspiration in HR.

Goals & Objectives:

The intent of #HROS is to make it easier for practitioners to access the resources, tools, and inspiration they need to succeed in today’s world of work. #HROS is committed to showcasing detailed practitioner-contributed case studies and resources dedicated to informing, educating, and inspiring the work of real HR and recruiting professionals.

The long term goal of #HROS is to ultimately create a knowledge bank of case studies and proven practices across a wide range of representative industries and company sizes, curating content and conversation, and fostering collaboration while driving innovation throughout the HR and talent acquisition functions - ultimately creating a more informed and connected field.

2016 Direction:

Focus on scaling HROS in the following 3 areas:

1. Marketing and amplification

2. Content and peer review

3. Community and partnerships

Finalize and mobilize volunteer committees

Publish 20+ case studies

Develop our 5 year strategic plan


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