#HROS: 2015 Year In Review, And What's Next

Open Source HR was launched by a single question.

What if we defied conventional “war for talent” wisdom and embraced a new view of collaboration to drive education, inspiration, and capabilities in the field of HR?

This question was unproven, but we believed there were many fellow practitioners who understand competition is not a zero sum game - and there was room for both competition and collaboration.

As we turn the page on 2015 we wanted to provide the HROS community a recap on where we’ve been, and an overview of where we’re heading in 2016.

Where We’ve Been

We launched Open Source HR at Hootsuite in April of 2015. #HROS incubated within Hootsuite for the next five months. Five case studies later, we knew we were onto something and released HROS out into the wild. Here’s a summary of the traction we’re seen in 2015:

  • 10 case studies contributed, from 6 different member companies

  • The HROS case studies have 20,000+ views and downloads

  • 250+ HROS registrations on HROS.co, including 65+ companies submitting a case study

  • 700+ members joining the conversation in our HROS Facebook Group

  • 400+ followers of @HROpenSource on Twitter

  • Robust conversation and sharing on the #HROS hashtag

  • Conference presentations at LinkedIn Talent Connect and HR Tech World Congress

  • Press including Forbes, Computer Weekly, HRN, and Recruiting Social

Where We’re Going

We enter 2016 laser-focused on three things: Marketing & Amplification, Content & Value, Community & Partnerships. You can learn more about each area below.

Marketing & Amplification

  • Secure press coverage to promote HROS and help us recruit and spread the movement

  • Secure speaking opportunities at conferences and events

  • Amplify and promote HROS member company case studies, resources, and community contributions

  • Grow the @HROpenSource Twitter community

  • Grow Open Source HR Facebook community

  • Drive engagement and growth on #HROS

  • Explore new Marketing campaigns and approaches

Content Creation & Peer Review Support

  • Peer review HROS case study content

  • Work with member companies to edit and develop their case studies

  • Curate peer-reviewed resources for the HROS community

  • Contribute blog posts to the HROS blog

  • Explore new communication vehicles including newsletters, podcasts, etc

Community & Partnerships

  • Ensure HROS community is extracting value from their membership

  • Engage the HROS community to encourage robust dialog, sharing, and collaboration

  • Continue building and growing the HROS Supporter and Volunteer communities (individuals)

  • Continue building and growing the HROS Member Company Community (companies)

  • Serve as “HROS Evangelist” in your local community to recruit supporters and member companies

  • Help establish and build relationships with third party companies and organizations that can support the growth of HROS

Each of these area will be a new committee, driven by HROS volunteers all around the world to help us scale and grow this Open Source HR movement. You can learn more about the HROS volunteer committees, and register to join through the end of this week, in this blog post. We’ll be following up and finalizing the volunteer committees in January.

We’re working on our next group of case studies for Q1/Q2; including OPOWER, Greenhouse, Spotify, Honest Company, Relic Games and more.

We’ll also be publishing our Mission, Vision, Values, and 2016 direction next week.

We’re incredibly excited for what 2016 has store for the Open Source HR movement. None of this would be possible without the passion and support of the HROS community. Thank for your believing in this, embracing a new approach, and joining the movement. We’re just getting started…

Ambrosia & Lars