Introducing The New

We're excited to unveil the new website! We redesigned the site putting the community's needs front and center by opening with a search engine that will parse through all of the content on to help you find exactly what you need...quickly. Our aim was to center the user experience around search so we could provide the highest value to visitors. From there, we streamlined the navigation to make it easier to view resources, get involved, learn about sponsorship, and more. We also incorporated our new brand platform throughout and streamlined the visions to provide a more cohesive experience. 

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How Lever Builds An Inclusive Culture: Why We Don't Label Employees As “Technical” Or “Non-technical”

The limiting labels of "technical" and "non-technical" affect all teams. With a few tools and support, we can empower every team member to recognize their workplace contributions and encourage their continued development. It’s a critical step towards improving all teams and working toward shaking the limiting labels we enforce on ourselves and each other.

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HR Open Source Announces Multiyear Platinum Sponsorship With Namely

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve entered into a three-year partnership with Namely that will carry through 2019. Namely is the leading HR, payroll, and benefits platform for midsized companies. Namely serves over 800 companies, representing over 125,000 employees globally. “As we began discussing this partnership and learning more about our respective communities, it was clear Namely shared our vision for a more empowered and inspired field of HR,” HROS Co-Founder Lars Schmidt stated about the partnership.

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Introducing HROS Sparks

Sparks are brief one-page summaries that community practitioners create to share actionable learnings of progressive initiatives they have executed. Snack sized case studies.Sparks are lightweight but still built to provide educational and inspirational value. Continuing to ask folks to share their why, what, how, learnings, and resources, these contributions will live on the searchable new Sparks page of our website.  

So besides the length and time commitment, what is different from the case studies? These submissions will not be part of our usual peer review board and collaborative editing process like case studies. We’ll still review each submission to ensure it meets the contribution criteria and lives up to our HROS values expectations (for example - no sales pitches…), but it is an accelerated process designed to remove friction and support much more peer direct sharing.

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Announcing HROS Inaugural Sponsors

Through the first two years we self-funded. Our priority was getting to know the global community and partnering to help determine what we could build that would best support you - together. In February we announced a new sponsorship model to fuel our continued growth and expansion.

Our year one funding aim was relatively modest, aiming to cover basic operational expenses so we could continue building something meaningful and valuable. Over time, our goal is to bring on more sponsors to support our continued growth plans. In addition to helping us reach our growth goals, it will also allow us to establish a for-profit for good model where we can reinvest 10% of our revenue into an HROS Foundation to support innovation, training, and mentorship programs in HR and recruiting. With this, we are excited to share our inaugural group of sponsors to kick off this new chapter in HR Open Source’s history!

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HROS Funding and Sponsorship

HR Open Source was launched in 2015 as an answer to the question, “what would happen if HR and recruiting practitioners around the world had free access to resources to inform and inspire their work?” It began as a pilot to test that theory, but soon grew into something much more meaningful spanning 50+ countries. As we shift into a new phase of growth for HROS, we've been examing different revenue models. The only non-negotiable term was that all resources, case studies, community platforms, etc. must remain zero cost to practitioners. This is where we landed, and what's next for HROS.

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2017 HR Open Source Call For Case Studies #HROS

When was the last time you faced a challenge at work you weren't quite sure how to solve? Perhaps it was a new initiative that was vital to your company - yet you had no idea where to start.

What if you had access to free case studies contributed by your peers around the world who've successfully done that very thing you're struggling with? Not just what they did, but specific details on:

  • Exactly how they did it
  • The ROI and impact it had on their business
  • Where they made mistakes (so you don't repeat them)
  • And what technology and tools they used to get it right

Helping practitioners solve these problems was the guiding inspiration behind HROS Case Studies

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Celebrating One Year With #HROS Big News

It’s hard to imagine this month marks the one year anniversary of the public unveiling of HR Open Source. It’s been an amazing ride, and we’re honored and humbled to have met so many like-minded practitioners around the world who share our vision for a more open and collaborative global HR community. 

In the past year we’re seen our community grow to over 1,000 members from 35+ countries. We’ve learned about some of the great work being done at companies like DellVirgin MediaOpowerLever, and many more. We’ve traveled the world sharing our story and meeting practitioners from London to Sydney. We’ve seen over 200 members volunteer to help ensure HROS succeeds.

Most importantly, we’ve had dozens of conversations from community members all over the world about how HROS can be a valuable resource. You’ve shared feedback on case study topics you’d like to see, creating a centralized collaboration platform, clarifying how the community can support, and more.

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What IS...HR?

A definitive narrative, supported by data, can showcase the new reality: we are all HR. We are all, regardless of role or function, responsible for culture, retention and engagement. We are all responsible for attracting the best talent and understanding how we work together.  These things are all intricately tied together and when there is true alignment, when those at both the top and the bottom of the organization speak the same language and have access to the supporting data, we will have true reformation and change.

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Knowledge and Community - #HROS Lessons from #SHRM16


When I think about HR Open Source and the underlying concepts there are two things that spring to mind: the sharing of knowledge and leveraging the power of community. In a powerful session at #SHRM16, attendees were introduced to Open Source HR, invited to join the community, and encouraged to come along on the journey. Why is now the best time to do that? 

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#HROS Community Spotlight: Meet Talia

This blog, in many ways, is our virtual version of hanging at the pub or meeting up for post-work socializing. So let's meet another member of the #HROS Community, shall we?

For this week's spotlight we sat down with Talia Edmundson, HR leader at RevZilla, and chatted about all things HR - with just a bit of Philly flavor.  What’s her day job like? What are some cool things flowing out of employer branding at RevZilla? How (I totally want to know) does one go about organizing a weekly all-hands beer meeting for 200 people?

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Why I'm Excited About #HROS

The #HROS community is rapidly growing; across the globe there are numerous people gathering together to positively change the industry.  We're gathered around a new view of collaboration so that we can drive education, inspiration, and capabilities in the field of HR.

Exciting, isn't it? Jason Seiden, Co-founder and CEO of Brand Amper, thinks so. Let's see what he has to say...

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HR Open Source 2016 Goals - #HROS

What a year 2016 has already been for HROS!

After posting our Vision, Values, and Direction  in January, we’ve been busy behind the scenes partnering with our volunteer committees to focus on what success might look like for the community in 2016.

It’s our first official year which is extremely exciting! This year will be pivotal in informing what our long term plan is so be prepared for a lot of engagement on this as we go along.

On that note, it is important before we get started to share that we greatly welcome your ongoing feedback. This is a volunteer lead and community-fueled initiative so we will continue to iterate as we learn more about where HROS thrives best for you all in our ecosystem.

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