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How AHA Made a Business Case for Diversity Recruiting - HR Open Source

Diversity. How many times have you read or heard that diversity is the key to a company’s success? Most times you can turn to the good ole fashioned diversity statement in an organization’s careers page or a diversity message from the company’s CEO. Many employers believe the generic statements will bring diverse candidates into the workplace or that diversity is a one-size fits all approach. That simply is just not the case.

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How TIFF Leverages SMEs for Internal Development - HR Open Source

One of our five core values is “People Are Our Strength”, which we take very seriously at all levels of the organization.  This value drives our emphasis on talent development, and inspires us to overcome limited resources to deliver for our employees. As a not for profit charitable institution, we work with limited resources to deliver meaningful training and experiences to our staff in order to support both career growth, and the needs of the business. The backbone of these development initiatives is our professional development programme, HR360.

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