How to Design & Execute a Global Employer Brand Campaign - HROS

The field of Recruiting is evolving, fast. The maturation of new concepts like Employer Branding and the infusion of new ideas and approaches is changing how candidates and employers find and engage with each other.

Hootsuite’s HR team has embraced social HR and has worked to weave it into our operations – from #HootsuiteLife to our Hootsuite Manifesto. We recently launched a new initiative called Hootsuite Open Source HR (#HootHROS) to “work out loud” and provide an inside look at how some of our Social HR initiatives were executed.

Our first #HootHROS case study provides a behind-the-scenes look at a recent global Employer Branding campaign we did on the live streaming platform Periscope, called Operation #FollowTheSun.

#FollowTheSun was designed to showcase our global offices and colleagues, and experiment with how we might utilize a live streaming platform like Periscope for Employer Branding. It was a complex global operation on a brand new platform that was designed and executed across nine offices in two weeks. The following case study details how we did it, and what we learned.

In this case study you’ll learn:

  • How we came up with the idea for Operation #FollowTheSun
  • How the idea was pitched internally
  • What were our anticipated outcomes
  • How we designed and executed a global branding campaign in less than two weeks
  • Campaign engagement metrics
  • What we learned
  • What we got wrong
  • Key takeaways for HR teams
“We’re always looking for new ways to share our culture and team. #FollowTheSun allowed us to take viewers around our global nests and give them a sense of what #HootsuiteLife is all about.”
— Ambrosia Humphrey, Hootsuite VP, Talent