How We Solved the Job Applicant Black Hole - HR Open Source

“No one ever contacted me.”  Most people who have ever applied to jobs online have experienced this.

Statistically, only 25% of completed job applications will ever get reviewed by a hiring authority at an employer.  Very few will ever receive a response from a real person.

In an effort to improve our candidate experience, based on feedback from job candidates in 2014, we audited our process to find only 12% of the 100k applications received annually were being reviewed.

We thought we could do better than that.

Our solution?  In January of 2015 we implemented a small team in our Hyderabad office, called Talent Assessors, to review and vet each application and respond to the applicant with a personal note letting them know if they would move on in the process.  The program was spearheaded by Becca Sil, Operations Manager from CA’s Talent Acquisition team.

We now have 3 resources on the team personally responding to every applicant within 2.5 days.

We soon began receiving feedback from applicants that indicated we were on the right track.  We published one such note in an article on Linkedin that received some interesting awareness.

The results:

  • 100% job applicant response within 2.5 days
  • 25,000+ applications have been reviewed to date.
  • 60 hires have been made from this pool that might have gone previously un-reviewed.
  • More accurate candidate database and source of qualified applicants data
  • Annual cost of the program is less than $20k.

“The Talent Assessor program has helped to improve the overall candidate experience at CA Technologies, by ensuring that every candidate, qualified or not, receives a personalised response from a member of our team. We now have much more meaningful data to allow us to focus our marketing strategies in the most effective areas,” said Becca Sil.

“No one ever contacted me.”  That doesn’t happen here anymore.

Learn more in our full HROS case study below.