The goal of our open source ethos is moving the field of HR forward. Each case study will feature an HROS company willing to share their work and advance the conversation and the profession.

They can be informative, educational, or inspirational (or sometimes, all three), but either way, they’re designed to stop talking about theory and showcase the organizations getting HR and recruiting right in practice.

Each case study is peer reviewed and consists of the following components:

  • Brief Introduction who you are and what you do.

  • Why You Did It what led you to this initiative.

  • What You Did an overview of your initiative. 

  • How You Did It detailing how your executed your initiative.

  • Key Results specific outcomes and metrics of your initiative.

  • What You Got Wrong sharing failures, learnings, and things peers should be mindful of if executing.

  • Key Takeaways key highlights and takeaways for the HR community.

  • Technologies Used a summary of all technologies used in your initiative.

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#HROS contributors are organizations committed to opening up some of their HR practices to accelerate learning and empower their peers. To date, nearly 100 companies have registered to contribute case studies over the next year.